Blade Trinity (2004) – By Mark Hite

I’m always a little leery going into a third installment of a movies series. In this case the first Blade was more than enjoyable and the second film is on my top 20 favorite list. Being a fan of the day walking vampire hunter, I had high hopes for this the third episode Blade Trinity. At the end I was impressed with a few aspects yet somewhat depressed at the extreme route the film took in selling itself.

Blade (Wesley Snipes) is back on the beat again beating up vampires with all the cool gadgets and martial arts he can muster. During a chase, he finds himself a set up victim by a local gang of vampires. They tape him killing off a man who was disguised as a vampire. The FBI hunt down Blade after seeing the tape and during their raid, his old mentor Whistler is killed in an explosion.

So what is a vampire hunter supposed to do without company? Make some new friends, which he does in the form of a vampire hunting team led by Whistler’s illegitimate daughter Abigail (Jessica Biel) and Hannibal King (Ryan Reynolds). The team informs Blade that the local vampire baddies have resurrected the corpse of the man know mainly to us as Dracula. Drake, as he is called in this movie, was summoned to bring forth a world ruled by vampires. The team fight and slice through vampires until they reach the bang up climax which pits Blade and the team against the king of all vampires.

The action is still top notch even compared to the first two films. The martial arts make the fight scenes a blast to watch but as every fan of action films will attest, the gadgets are where its at. New vampire popping toys include a silver dart on a string, an compact ultraviolet bow, and even an arrow that produces a killer vampire plague. Reynolds provides some good low brow humor, which unlike the humor in the Star Wars prequels, fit the fan base of the film. Biel is also a great addition adding a much needed female butt kicking aspect to vampire hunter movies.

However, the villians in the film are completely deplorable. Dominic Purcell’s stiff performance as the ultimate vampire made Richard Burton’s role in Exorcist 2 seem inspiring. Also with nothing much to offer is Parker Posey as female vampire Danica Talos. Accomplished wrestler Paul Michael Levesque makes his acting debut which unfortunately doesn’t live up to the popularity of The Rock’s acting roles. He does have potential as an action star but it was hard for me to not see him as Triple H.

The film also takes a repulsive trend in movies to the outer limits; blatant product placement. Everything from I-Pod to Nokia to even Count Chocula cereal is thrown up on the screen with no shame. It gets so bad at one point while Biel’s character downloads a play list, Reynold’s goes over (in so many words) what the I-Pod is capable of doing. I was reminded of the skit in Wayne’s World where Wayne and Garth talk about sponsors while endorsing them uncannily. However for that film, it was funny and not a serious over the top plug. Sorry folks I’m not interested in those products and if I ever were to buy one, it wouldn’t be because of this film.

Blade Trinity is in no way the best out of the series. The ending left me with of a sour taste in my mouth which makes me think there will be a sequel or spin off down the line. If you can look past the running commercial and the stiff acting, you may find a good action film which are hard to come by these days. Luckily like most movies in our world of monsters and meanies, this movie requires little thinking and a lot of popcorn to watch.