Blood (2015) – By Misty Layne

Blood is a delightfully creepy (and bloody!) short film about a serial killer with a crippling aversion to blood who fights to survive after his latest victim uses his greatest fear against him. It’s kind of genius really – dead girl looking for revenge shows up with a bucket of blood (okay, that’s not exactly what happens…). Still the film is fun and extremely well-executed.

Done almost completely without dialogue (one line is said), Blood starts in the aftermath of our serial killer’s latest kill. After a quick clean up, SK goes home to eat and be all domestic. Alas, his victim has other plans – awesome plans involving torrents of blood!

Blood borrows heavily from J-horror with the copious amounts of blood and dead girls with stringy hair. It actually reminded me a bit of A Tale of Two Sisters in the way SK’s home played into the story, almost as a character itself. The acting was top notch (it’s hard to carry a film with no dialogue by yourself!) and the set was AMAZING. SO MUCH BLOOD (have I mentioned that yet?). This tale is more macabre than outright frightening so don’t expect the usual jump scares but be prepared to cringe. There’s a scene with bleach that made me do so. *shudders*

Blood is definitely worth a watch and I’m eager to see what Zach Lorkiewicz (writer/director) brings to the table in the future. Check out Blood via website or Facebook for more info!