Blood and Love (2010) – By Cary Conley

So here is a story that’s been told a million times: a hitman is hired to kill a beautiful girl. But instead of killing her, he falls in love with her and decides to quit the murder-for-hire business altogether. Of course, his employer sends another killer to not only take care of the girl, but to also kill him as well. So if you are going to tell an age-old story, you need to do something different to keep it interesting. Unfortunately, writer/director Bobby Guions is content to tell the same old story with no new spins. The result is a merely average "thriller" that will remind you of a dozen other films just like it.

Peter Burke plays the hitman, Drake. The beautiful Gabrielle Loneck plays his target, who needs to be removed because she is having an affair with a powerful Congressman who is planning a presidential run and doesn’t need any "messes" being uncovered during his campaign. Right off the bat, I noticed that Burke seems quite young to be a much sought-after and highly experienced hitman. Looking a few years under 30, it was hard for me to suspend my belief in order to convince myself that this killer had many years of murders under his belt. Benjamin Myers, who plays the Congressman, also is baby-faced, making it quite difficult to believe that he’s the minimum age of 35 he needs to be in order to run for President of the United States.

The acting is merely average and frankly, unbelievable. The various reactions to what should have been surprising events in the film are often met with unrealistic facial expressions, reactions or remarks. Particularly bad is the ninja assassin that is brought in to "clean up" Drake’s mess. While he looks imposing and his sword is cool, the delivery of his lines is just plain bad. There are also several brief fight scenes that looked contrived and came across as fake.

High points include Loneck’s acting, which seems to be a notch above the others, as well as the musical score. Guions’ cinematography and editing are also very good, showing that he is a technically proficient director. With some stronger written material he certainly would be capable of producing a quality feature. The biggest problem with Blood and Love is its unoriginality: we’ve seen it all before.

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