Blood, Boobs and Beast (2007) – By Brian Morton

 One of the things you can say about low budgets filmmakers is that they have a passion for the work like no one else. I’m sure that the Lucas’ and the Spielberg’s of the world don’t put as much love into all of their movies as someone like Don Dohler put into each and every one of his movies. That’s basically what Blood, Boobs and Beast is about, low budget filmmaking and the people who do it, in particular Don Dohler and his partner Joe Ripple.

Blood, Boobs And Beast follows the career of Don and Joe from the beginning when Don, after a frightening experience being robbed at gunpoint, decided to follow his lifelong dream of making movies. Don’s first movie, Alien Factor, attained cult status and his career in low budget sci-fi and horror blossomed from there. The movie follows the duo as they make their latest movie, Dead Hunt. If you’re interested in how a low budget movie is made, then this movie will delight you. Filmmaker John Paul Kinhart goes behind the scenes and shows us the nuts and bolts of making Dead Hunt and, in what can only be described as brave of Dohler and Hipple, we get to see both the ups and downs of low budget filmmaking. Actors not showing up, conflict between the two partners everything plays out in front of the camera.

If you’re a fan of Don Dohler, you’re going to love this movie, if you’re not a fan, then Blood, Boobs And Beast will make you a fan of this mild-mannered, unassuming low budget film legend, who influenced a whole generation of movie makers with his love of the movies. I’m giving Blood, Boobs And Beast four out of four cigars, this is one of those movies that are both uplifting and tragic, but its heart is there, right on it’s sleeve from start to finish. You can get find out more about this film (and I can’t recommend this movie highly enough!) by heading over to the Blood, Boobs And Beast website. So, until next time, when I’ll hope to put half the heart into what I do as Don does, remember that the best movies are bad movies.