Blood Widow (2014) – By Kirsten Walsh

“After buying a nice house in the country, Laurie and Hugh, a successful young couple, throw a party for their friends. During the wild night a few friends decide to explore the abandoned and decaying boarding school next door, only to wake an emotionally broken killer: The Blood Widow.”

A fresh, hip film that focuses it priorities on the scares and the jumps, “Blood Widow” is a story that isolates it characters and picks them off in unique ways. Once the characters are established, the film picks up and moves at a quick speed, buying only a few minutes of time before the next one bites it. Cheesy pick up lines, quirky plot lines, and a fun group of victims keep this film interesting and entertaining from the first kill to the last. A heavy soundtrack, featuring everything from the traditional creepy strings to an eastern melody to hip hop and rave music, heightens the moments within the storyline and maintain a great mood throughout. What really stands out about this film is the vaguely feminine slasher. A silent, deadly vixen with a variety of weapons that is smart about it is exactly what the genre needed, and “Blood Widow” succeeded.

In the slasher sub genre of horror, the majority of memorable killers have been male. Jason Voorhees, Michael Meyers, Victor Crowley, Freddy Kreuger, Ghostface (with “Scream 4” being an exception). There have been a handful of females tossed in (characters in “The Strangers”, “Urban Legends”, and Tiffany from the “Child’s Play” later films), but two of the examples I mentioned were led by males. And before we get too crazy, yes, there was a female slasher in “Sleepaway Camp”, but they led the audience to believe she was a male up to the reveal. “Blood Widow” plays with an extremely feminine styled slasher, from the movements she makes to the mask she wears. This definitely showcases a new era beginning in slasher films.

The acting is what we have come to expect in the mid-budget horror films. Talented youths who are kicking off their careers with a bang or scream queens that specialize in these types of films. Danielle Lilly, who has been featured in such horror films as “Five Across the Eyes” (2006), heads the film up as the final girl prototype, with her mind set on researching the history of the killer and getting the hell out of the house while everyone else is partying. With a supporting cast of newcomers that do a great job at backing up the strong female lead, this film definitely is marking ground.

This film definitely has some of those moments that make the audience want to scream at the characters to turn around or not to go into a certain door. While I applaud the filmmakers for going practical with the majority if not all of the kills, some of the deaths just make you laugh out loud- they’ve just been done in such a cheesy way and its shocking, so all you can do is laugh. One of the best kills started with two people and a window. One of the supporting males was helping Lilly’s character make the climb out of a two story window, and out of nowhere, the Blood Widow appears on the side of the building and cuts off the guy’s arms at the elbows. However, there are some awesome cringe-worthy gore moments as well, especially one where the last surviving male steps in what must be a hole in the floor and snaps his leg forward, while the Blood Widow watches from behind. Great moment, completely out of no where.

Altogether, this was definitely a fun slasher film that was entertaining and enjoyable to watch. This definitely gives gravity to a new age of slashers and I definitely would like to see more from Arcani Pictures and director Jeremiah Buckhalt.

Would I watch this film again? Hell yeah I would!

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