Bloodlust: The Erotic Cinema of Tony Marsiglia (2010) – By Brian Morton

I’ll be perfectly honest here, whenever I get something in my inbox from Seduction Cinema, I’m less than enthusiastic. I mean, there’s only so many boobs a guy can see before he’s just not that interested any more…is it just me? Well, when Bloodlust: The Erotic Cinema of Tony Marsiglia came in, I was a bit more excited than usual, you see, Tony always manages to at least mix a taste of the bizarre into his movies, and that’s really what these kinds of movie need!

Bloodlust is a 4 movie box set of Tony’s best, first up, there’s Lust for Dracula, the story of a young couple who are looking forward to starting a family until Dracula shows up with her minions to cause untold havoc. Next is Sinful, starring Misty Mundae as a woman who wants a child, no matter what she has to do (or who she has to kill) to get it. Third is Witches of Sappho Salon…which, I’m sure you can guess is a bit lesbianic. Janet just got a job at a new hair salon, what she doesn’t know is that the salon is run by witches and she’s been tapped to be their latest sacrifice to Satan! Finally, there’s Dr. Jeckyll and Mistress Hyde, the story of a female doctor who’s developed a serum that divides a woman’s pure self from her lustful self…and when she gives it to Misty Mundae…I think you know, clothes will soon be shed!

If you enjoy your horror a bit more on the sexy side, then you’ll love Tony Marsiglia’s movies and Bloodlust is definitely for you. But if, like me, you get a bit tired of story being made second to nudity, then you should probably look elsewhere! I’m giving Bloodlust: The Erotic Cinema of Tony Marsiglia 2 out of 4 cigars, if you love nekkid chicks, you’ll love it, but if you love pure horror, then you might not like it as much. You can grab a copy for yourself by heading over to