Bloodlust Zombies (2011) – By Cary Conley

…Starring porn queen Alexis Texas! the ad copy announces. So if the title of this film doesn’t clue you in, then hopefully the one "name" actress will. This is a low-budget horror romp set squarely in B-movie territory. Right away, one has to understand that this isn’t going to be an attempt at serious, Criterion-type film material. If you understand where this film is coming from at the outset, you probably won’t be disappointed. I for one, liked it very much.

Bloodlust Zombies is more akin to Herschell Gordon Lewis than to George A. Romero. It concerns a top-secret bio-weapons laboratory experimenting with a biological weapon that produces a certain "bloodlust" in its victims. The lead developer lost her husband in a war; consequently, she is trying to protect American soldiers from the horrors of battle by developing a weapon that can be dropped into a battle zone and cause the enemy to kill each other. An accident occurs in the lab which exposes some of the scientists to the "bloodlust" agent, thereby creating vicious zombies with one thing on their mind–to kill anyone who stands in their way.

Writer/director Dan Lantz has created some fun and nifty stereotypical characters to laugh at such as the sexy, slutty secretary who sleeps with the boss (guess who gets this character…), the cowardly security guard ("They don’t pay me enough to fight zombies. I’ll just sit here and watch the monitors and read my paper until this mess blows over".), the gung-ho girl with a gun and a cast on her broken foot, the horny and lecherous elderly boss, the prudish but sexy office worker with a secret, kinky past, and the horny and sexist guy that only thinks women are good for one thing.

The acting ranges from quite good (Janice Marie as the team leader that created the toxin) to cheesy and funny all the way to downright bad (Alexis Texas walks around squinting her eyes and looking terribly serious throughout the film, her rendition of "acting"), but overall the acting was passable–I’ve seen better, but I’ve also seen worse.

The musical score is simple and quite effective when it needs to be. The special effects are also fairly simple and limited to a few flesh-ripping bites that release gallons of bloody spray from the necks of the zombies’ victims. The blood is bright red and the buckets of arterial sprays are so voluminous as to be more cartoony than gross. Lantz clearly had fun on his mind when he created this film.

And what of Alexis Texas’ wares? Yes, she gets to show them off in several scenes, undressing in record time near the beginning of the film so she and her boss can play "cowboy and cowgirl." The simulated sex is so bad its almost funny, but you have to forgive Lantz as he is smart enough to understand that there had better be some payoff for the fans if you are going to emblazon a porn star’s name on the front of the video box.

The film itself is short, clocking in at 76 minutes even thought the cover art states a full 80 minutes; but I think this is a smart move. Lantz realizes that once the plot has run its course, the movie needs to end. Many a low-budget film has alienated its audience with meaningless and boring scenes added to pad the running time, but Bloodlust Zombies is the perfect length–it didn’t bore me with endless scenes of talking just to make the magic 90-minute mark. Once the serum is spilled, the film goes full tilt with maniacal and funny zombies, witty quips, and a nice mixture of gore and nudity. This film is a terrific example of B-movie popcorn filmmaking, and the creators have done an excellent job producing a fun and sexy horror film.

Bloodlust Zombies was released by Breaking Glass Pictures’ Vicious Circle label on July 5. For more information about this film, please see