Bloody Christmas (2012) – By Brian Morton

Making a Christmas themed horror movie is pretty difficult. After all, it’s the ‘most wonderful time of the year’, and you want to make it horrific. Well, a new movie, Bloody Christmas, does its best, but just falls a bit short.

The movie begins with a washed up action star who’s forced to play Santa on public access TV. He’s having fantasies of killing anyone around him who he thinks is doing him wrong. He’s old, he’s a has been and he’s nearly homeless…but he seems to be a good guy. There’s also a child murderer loose in town, and the police are hunting him. The two stories eventually cross, but overall the movie is a bit hard to follow.

There’s never any real explanation for why the action star is having violent revenge fantasies, and they just seem to go away part way through the movie, as he begins to identify with a female co-worker as a daughter figure. There’s a sequence in a church with a hot chick attempting to seduce a young boy which is totally out of place and never really explained, then, when the child killer is revealed, it turns into a battle between the killer and Santa that ends as abruptly as it begins.

The problem with a low budget action movie is that you really need a budget to do the action. Writer/director Michael Shershenovich is doing the best with what he’s got, but I never really believed his action star was ever an action star, and I never understood anything that the police were doing…things just sort of wound up with little or no explanation, leaving the viewer a bit confused about what exactly they just saw!

I’m giving Bloody Christmas 1 out of 4 cigars, it’s a valiant effort, but it just falls flat and never really ties up any questions that it poses in the beginning. You can find out more for yourself by clicking here.