Blue Valentine (2010) – By Brian Morton

There are Oscar winning films that you watch and understand why they were nominated, and then there are those that you watch and wonder what the hell people were thinking! Well, after checking out The King’s Speech this month, I have to admit that my curiosity was peaked when Blue Valentine also crossed my desk, let’s see why Michelle Williams was nominated, I expected to be pleasantly surprised…well, I was surprised.

The story here is about Cindy (Williams) and Dean (Ryan Gosling), they’re a married couple who are going through a rough patch in their relationship. The movie jumps back and forth through time, we begin in the present, where things aren’t so good, and we flash back to when they first met. Essentially, we get to watch the beginning and the end of a relationship.

While both Gosling and Williams are good in the movie, the story itself is a bit off putting, we begin to feel a bit voyeuristic, watching as these two normal people end their marriage. I got the feeling that we were supposed to feel somehow that Cindy is somehow empowered by this break from her husband, but Gosling’s Dean isn’t such a monster that we feel this way. In fact, Dean is a much more likeable character than Cindy, so when the break inevitably comes, we feel sorrier for Dean than his wife.

I’m giving Blue Valentine 2 out of 4 cigars, if you enjoy other people’s emotional pain, then you’ll like this. If you’re looking for an interesting relationship story, then this will have you depressed by the end. Blue is definitely the word for this Valentine! You can find out more by heading over to