Bolero (2012) – By Brian Morton

Most of the time, when I see a movie that’s got no dialogue and uses only music to communicate to me, I’m less than impressed. But, in the case of the new movie from Dennis Brucks, Bolero, I’m going to reassess my opinion.

Bolero is the tale of an abused young man, he has fond memories of a loving mother, but is currently being held by two abusive men. His only ray of light is a young girl, who’s also being held by these evil men. The two are beaten and made to watch as these men beat and torture other people as well. Why they’re being held, we’re not really sure. As the abuse continues the two children begin to form a plan to escape their torturers!! How? Well, you’ll need to check out the short for yourself.

What Brucks has managed to do is take a story of child abuse and make it (nearly) uplifting….and if you don’t consider it uplifting, then at least justifiable. And, I found the use of the Revel music interesting, the quasi-peaceful Bolero (which I still associate with a swimsuit clad Bo Derek) used as a soundtrack for violence is an unusual choice, but it works. I’m giving Bolero 3 out of 4 cigars, it’s not for everyone, but if you’re feeling a bit experimental, you’ll enjoy this one! You can actually see it for yourself by heading over to