Bonnie & Clyde vs. Dracula (2008) – By Nic Brown

 Gangsters and monsters, two popular cinematic subjects and a simple combination, yet it’s one that has not often been explored in film.  Until that is writer director Timothy Friend decided to bring together the legendary Count Dracula and the infamous criminal couple Bonnie (Scream Queen Tiffany Shepis) and Clyde (Trent Haaga) in his aptly titled film: BONNIE & CLYDE VS. DRACULA.

The film opens with two divergent storylines. On the one side we have Bonnie and Clyde, on the lamb from the law in rural Kansas trying to make the big score they need to get away. On the other we have an even stranger pair, Dr. Loveless (Allen Lowman) and his assistant/sister Annabel (Jennifer Friend).
The Bonnie and Clyde side is a gritty and violent crime drama. It becomes quickly apparent that Bonnie, although human, seems to have her own appetite for blood that matches the couple’s desire for fast cash and thrills.

The other side of the story finds Dr. Loveless studying his latest acquisition: the remains of Count Dracula. His intentions are to revive the Count and use his regenerative powers to heal his own strange affliction. This aspect of the film is a witty mixture of comedy and horror as the evil doctor interacts with his innocent, even child like sister, Annabel who he forces to be his assistant in his experiments. When fate finally brings the paths of Bonnie and Clyde together with the legendary monster things really begin to heat up.

BONNIE & CLYDE VS. DRACULA is a real treat for horror fans. Although the individual elements of gangsters and vampires are by no means new to the screen, Friend pulls them together to create a uniquely original film. Despite its modest budget the film still manages to do a good job of recreating the feeling of the gangster era of the 1930’s, a feet that sometimes proves difficult for bigger studio pictures. Perhaps the strongest aspect of the movie though is the acting. Veteran horror actors Tiffany Shepis and Trent Haaga have great on screen chemistry as Bonnie and Clyde, each bringing something special to their roles. Shepis stands out in particular as she brings a fiery, homicidal, temper to the legendary gangster moll. However, it is Jennifer Friend, in her role as Annabel that really steels the show. Friend plays Annabel as if the grown woman was a child. This gives her character a wide eyed innocence and bubbly nature that make her the star of nearly every scene she’s in. So if you’d like to see a film that mixes horror, crime drama and comedy into one package check out the ANNABEL SHOW… I mean check out BONNIE & CLYDE VS. DRACULA.