Book of Lore (2007) – By Brian Morton

 Urban legends. Everybody’s heard them, we all tend to love them, but if you’re from a small town, you know that local legends abound. I spent many summers in a small town in Oklahoma and I have to say, kids love these stories about haunted houses and dead people, and they spread pretty quickly and live forever. That’s sort of the center of the movie, Book of Lore, that I just got the chance to see.

The story here is pretty good. When Rick’s girlfriend goes missing and then turns up dead, it appears that she’s been killed by a local legend known as The Devil’s Left Hand. Through a couple odd coincidences, Rick and his friends come into possession of a composition book with the title, Book of Lore. In it is detailed all the killings done by the Devil’s Left Hand, and it becomes their mission to find out who’s behind the killing of Rick’s girlfriend and to try to stop the Devil’s Left Hand before he strikes again.

I have to admit when I saw the running time (at over an hour and a half) I was a little nervous, sometimes an indie film can wear out it’s welcome if it’s not done well, but those apprehensions were chased away as I got into the movie. The movie moves quickly, keeping the story moving forward, while telling side stories of the local legends of the town. Book of Lore is a great movie, Chris LaMartina has put together a movie that could be the next big thing, it’s a horror movie that doesn’t rely on gore to be scary (as most of them do today), it relies on storytelling and acting to get the mood across, and it does that superbly! I’m giving Book of Lore four out of four cigars, because, it takes something that we’re all familiar with (local legends) and then puts a great new twist on it, it’s not just some weirdo in a mask killing people in these ways, when the Devil’s Left Hand is finally revealed, the twist is great and the ending wasn’t at all what I expected. Book of Lore is a one of those movies that deserves to be a classic, and who knows, maybe the Devil’s Left Hand will return! So, until next time, when I’ll talk about my own left hand and how it’s pretty worthless…it can’t write, it’s subservient to the right hand, generally pretty lazy…remember that the best movies are bad movies.