Bountiful (2011) – By Jason S. Lockard

There is a statement that says, "Charity begins at home!" So often we only want to look out for #1 us and our family, but what about those less fortunate?! What about those that don’t have a place to live, enough to eat or clothes to wear?! That is where charity come in!

The new documentary from director Mark Notarberardino explores the charitable works of three faiths ;Christianity, Judiusm and Islam through the words of those that live it everyday. Monsignor Roger A. Statnick, Rabbi Sara Rae Perman, Iman AbduSemi’h A. Tadese and other workers.

Some may know Mark Notarberardino as the writer/director of 2001’s "The Good Fight", a study in middle aged anxiety or his co-producing of 1996’s "Resume of an addict" an exploration of those dependent on drugs and alcohol. Mark’s new film "Bountiful" is made on location in Greensburg and Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. The videography of Frank Coleman shows you some of the beautiful sights of the great state of Pennsylvania along with taking you deep into the belief systems of each of these faiths.

The camera work is crisp. the video is clean and the music by Kevin MacLeod really adds to the project. In the end there are films that are for entertainment and then there are films for education and while "Bountiful" is not an entertaining film it falls into the educational field! For those who are interested in why churches and religious groups give; this would be a tremendous film for you to check out! You can get a copy at

Moral Rating: Nothing Offensive
Audience: All Ages
Genre: Documentary
Length: 33 min.
Released: 2011
Our Rating: A-