Bounty Killer (2013) – By Jason S. Lockard

Studios and filmmakers are clamoring to make movies made from comic books and graphic novels and audiences are running to watch them! Image Entertainment sent me a copy of just such a film. Based on a Kickstart comic book. The film is entitled Bounty Killer.

The film is set in the year 2042. Its been 20 years since corporations took over the world’s governments. Their thirst for power laid waste to the world as we knew it. Now it’s time for revenge a secret Council of Nine declares white-collar crimes to be punishable by death, and created a group of vigilantes called "Bounty Killers" to track down these criminals and punish them. The Bounty Killers have become celebrities of sort including; the very first Bounty Killer ‘Drifter’ (Matthew Marsden), and the sexy ‘Mary Death’ (Christian Pitre).

This film is action packed with a decent storyline. Sometimes it feels a little like a mad max rip-off! The gore is a little much sometimes and this is defiantly not one you let your kids to see. It was a pretty nice surprise to see Beverly D’Angelo and Gary Busey show-up in this film though.

The DVD includes a beautiful transfer of this film and the bonus features include a trailer and a 15 minute behind the scenes featurette. I loved the featurette because it really takes you into the minds of the creators. The story behind the story!

Bounty Killers is a film that doesn’t take itself seriously at all! It’s cheesy and that’s part of the charm of this film. So if you love B-movies that have the sixties feel, but yet crank up the gore big time, by all means check this one out! Head over to and pick up a copy today!

Moral Rating: Extreme violence, sexual situations, adult language and nudity
Audience: Mature Audiences
Genre: Action / Adventure
Length: 93 Minutes
DVD Released: 2013
DVD Rating: B-