Brainiac (2004) – By Brian Morton

Most people who make independent horror movies are trying to find ‘the next big thing’, but once in a while, one comes along that wants to make a great movie, but also wants to pay tribute to the great movies of the past. That’s the kind of movie the Brain Damage movie, Brainiac is.

Brainiac is an homage to the great sci-fi horror movies of the 1950s and early 1960s. This is the story of Peter Van Dorn, Pete’s a doctor with a big pharmaceutical company and he’s working on a drug called Nirvana. Nirvana will wipe out drug abuse and mental illness by releasing endorphins into the body, because the body naturally produces endorphins, there doesn’t seem to be any side effects. Well, no side effects that are easily discovered, it seems that Nirvana alters the DNA of some people who use it, turning on long dormant chromosomes that no one seems to know the purpose of. Well, when the FDA shuts down the trials, Dr. Van Dorn is very upset, he stands to lose a ton of money and his company will be ruined. And, it gets worse, suddenly, with the drug trials shut down, someone is killing people and sucking out their brains! Who is killing these people? How are they getting their brains out of their skulls with nothing more than a small hole in their heads?

This ‘science gone wrong’ movie is a direct throw back to movies like Them! or any of the giant insects movies that we all know and love. The gore is here, but in smaller amounts, there’s no nudity, this is really a movie that you might watch and enjoy with your kids…and that’s not a bad thing, remember the future horror movies fans have to start somewhere, if we start them out with the Hostels or the Saws, we might just end up with a warped generation, so Brainiac is a perfect movie to start off your younger horror fans, and that’s great! If you’d like to find a copy of this great movie for yourself, head over to Brain Damage Films and get a copy for yourself, you’ll enjoy it, I promise. And, until next time, when I’ll tell you about the time I was irradiated accidentally and grew into a large angry giant, remember that the best movies are bad movies.