Breaking: Los Angeles (2013) – By Brian Morton

In this day and age, I can’t imagine getting into the music business. Between pirating and record companies not knowing how to go about business in a ‘non-record store’ environment, you’d have to almost be called by a siren’s song to get into music. Well, that’s exactly the story behind Breaking: Los Angeles, the story of the music business in LA and how it works now…sort of.

The makers of Breaking: Los Angeles speak to bands, producers, executives, basically anyone involved in the music business, to talk about how it works now, how it’s changed in the past few years and how one navigates the shark infested waters of the music business. Whether you’re ‘in to’ music or not, this is still a fascinating doc, about bands having to travel to Los Angeles to be able to ‘get to the next level’, about how some band have to actually pay the club in order to play there, and about how the age of the internet has drastically changed getting your band noticed and getting that attention that will get you noticed on a national level.

It all looks very mind-numbing, and, unless you’re just driven to play music, it might be something you’d think twice about after seeing this movie. I’m giving Breaking: Los Angeles 4 out of 4 cigars, it’s a very interesting look behind the curtain and one that seems to give us an honest assessment of how this business works and how it might still be changing right in front of us. Find out more over at