Broken Roads (2012) – By Misty Layne

Broken Roads is the story of Aldo Russo who survives a traumatic car accident, in which his mother dies and he’s left to pick up the pieces. Starring Sally Kirkland, Aidan Bristow, Shoshana Bush, Rolonda Watts, and Ross Marquand and directed and written by Justin Chambers, Broken Roads is a powerful piece of drama that will make your heart ache with its sadness but leave you with just a bit of hope.

When Aldo is in a car crash that leaves his mother dead, he is sent to the only relative social services can find, his grandmother whom he has never met. He shows up angry at the world and devastated by the loss of his mother. His grandmother has her own issues to deal with such as her past and the loss of the daughter she’d not seen in years. Together the two start to pick up the pieces of their lives but moving on is harder than they thought.

Firstly, this is a beautifully shot film. Everything about the cinematography is dead on from the long hazy, dream shots to the colors used throughout. It’s complete perfection. The acting is strong here also although my main complaint was the majority of the movie involves people yelling at each other, as if that’s their natural state of tone. Anger can certainly equal lots of yelling but it doesn’t have to equal always yelling.

The story is beautiful and tragic and wonderfully written. Kudos to Justin Chambers for this piece of work. The story flows well and is bookended by the lesson that life is never perfect and never can be but we make of it what we can.

If you’re a fan of dramas, especially tragic ones, Broken Roads is the film for you. There’s very little wrong here and a whole lot of right. It will bring you down only to lift you back up and give you hope that no matter what happens, things can be okay.

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