Bubba Moon Face (2011) – By Brian Morton

Small towns and strange families, they’re as old as the movies themselves. And, with Bubba Moon Face, writer/director Blake Eckard takes us into one such family in rural Missouri.

Horton is a down on his luck guy who’s heading home. Whether he’s heading home for good, or just there to gather himself, make some money and leave again, we never really know. Horton meets up with his brother, who’s made a good life for himself in this small town and finds that he’s welcome to stay, despite their differences. Soon, though, the rest of Horton’s family shows up, his brother’s girlfriend shows up with a baby and soon Horton realizes that no one in the house is fit to take care of a small baby! And, when Horton’s brother dies and the family doesn’t seem to care at all, he loses his grip completely!

While not exactly a horror movie, Bubba Moon Face does have some horror elements, but Eckard plays the movie more as a dysfunctional family drama until the bitter end, and that’s what makes Bubba Moon Face different and original, you feel like these are real people who might actually be out there in some small town somewhere! The acting is good, the story is strong and the ending will really leave you wondering what might happen next!

I’m giving Bubba Moon Face 3 out of 4 cigars, it’s a strange little movie that some people will find hard to get into, but if you stay with it, I think you’ll soon be drawn in!