Buddy Flavinoid and The Attack of the Slime People (2008) – By Duane L. Martin

Well, this movie wasn’t what I expected.  When director Martin King sent it to me, I was under the assumption that it was a retro kind of a movie about slime people and such.  I didn’t have much info about the film, but man, I couldn’t have been more wrong.  While it is a retro movie, it’s in color and totally about something else all together.

This film is about an Ed Wood-like director named Buddy Flavinoid.  He was going to make a movie, but when the producer was going to pull the plug on it, he killed him with a baseball bat to the head, and then went away for a few years for it.  Now he’s back and ready to get back on the horse with his latest project, The Attack of the Slime People.  He’s got a producer, he’s got an investor, and now all he needs is a cast.  The whole movie revolves around him, trying to get the film made and him killing everyone who gets in his way with a baseball bat to the head.

This movie is completely different from anything I’ve ever seen before.  It’s very cartoonish at times, and yet never loses the story in the cartoonishness.  What really struck me was the look of the film.  It was a period piece, which takes place in the 50’s, and the set design, the clothing and even the cars used in the film all had the right look.  The cars were really awesome by the way.  The set design was perfect for the story and the entire look and feel of the film was perfect for the story.

The acting, when combined with the way the film looked, just created a near perfect piece of work.  There was not a bad performance in this film.  Everyone, just did a phenomenal job with their roles, and most especially Robert Tiffi who played the director, Buddy Flavinoid.  This guy has so much personality and was so goofy in the role that it made the film just insanely fun to watch.  The way he cracked people in the head with that baseball bat too was just priceless.  

As far as the technical aspects of the film go, everything was highly professional.  The camera work was great, the lighting was pretty flawless, the sound and music were both excellent and the editing moved everything along perfectly.  I honestly can’t think of anything I’d change about this film.

The title thing says something about it being America’s next cult classic.  Now when most films would say that, I’d be like, "Man, what an ego!"  This film however has what it takes to back up that statement, and more.  Once this film is out there and widely available, if enough people see it and really pick up on it, I can totally see this becoming a cult film.  It’s really that awesome.

The film was in the process of having some final sound editing done last I heard.  If you’d like to check out a few clips from it, there’s a simple website set up for the film here.  Just be sure to keep an eye out for this film.  When you get the chance, make sure you either grab yourself a copy or at least see it somewhere.  It’s a film you won’t soon forget.