Bum Man: Hero of the Homeless (2007) – By Brian Morton

 Have you ever wonder what might happen to Superman if he decided that responsibility sucked and just decided to drink and enjoy life? Well, that question is finally answered in the new movie, Bum Man: Hero of the Homeless!

What, you say you never asked that question? What are you, one of those snobs who refuse to be baited into a good ‘who’s hotter, Betty or Veronica ?’ argument? Well, if your tastes run a little more highbrow than that, then you can pretty much skip this movie. But, if you’re like the rest of us, then here’s the story: Bum Man is a man from a far away planet, who decided that work is for chumps, when his own planet is sick of him, they shoot him into space and he finds his way to Earth. And what would a man with abilities ‘far beyond those of mortal men’ do here…you got it, drink! So, Bum Man settles into his nice alley with some new friends and proceeds’ to drink himself into unconsciousness again. Until, one afternoon, an attractive young reporter, Diane Zane, is covering a story about bum alley being demolished for renovations, when she meets Bum Man, it’s love at first sight…and smell! Diane finds something appealing about Bum Man and sets out to save bum alley. But, when she uncovers a vast alien plot to destroy bum alley, invade Earth and take it over to make small crackers to feed the rest of the galaxy, Bum Man is spurred to action…finally!

Bum Man: Hero of the Homeless is a send up of comic books, b movies and social do-gooders in general. The acting is weak in spots, but it’s supposed to be, some parts (like Hobo Boy) are intended to be a bit rough around the edges, it just adds to their charm, while others (attractive reporter Diane Zane) are spot on, great performances. The real charm of Bum Man: Hero of the Homeless is that it doesn’t take itself so seriously, it’s a fun movie that meant to be fun, don’t try to read too much into it, because underneath all that charm is a ton of fart and stink jokes just waiting to come out! You can get a PG rated version of Bum Man by heading to Amazon.com or, if you’re made of sterner stuff, then you can get an R rated version of Bum Man at IndieFlix.com, either version is funny as hell and will have you looking back on those days when you read comic books and wondering why you wasted so much of your life! I’m giving Bum Man: Hero of the Homeless four out of four cigars, because it just a fun movie that doesn’t strive to do anything more than to entertain you, and, seriously that actress Sharly, who plays Diane Zane is pretty cute! So, until next time, when I’ll be reliving my Lois Lane fetish by rewatching Bum Man, remember that the best movies are bad movies.