Calavera #1 Deluxe Edition (2014) – By Jason S. Lockard

We as comic book fans get hung up on the big companies like Marvel and DC and we forget that there are lot of talents indie writers and artists out there! One such artist is Nevin Arnold! This month I got the pleasure to read the first two issues of his punk horror series Calavera the Undead.

The story follows Calavera Padavona who was loving the 80s as a rocker chick! But when she falls to her death in the year 1989; she is reanimated by the demon Baazedon in the year 2012. She returns to her apartment and find it has been rented out and all her records and t-shirts are gone. What’s a girl to do? Especially when you find out the world has been thrown into a zombie apocalypse by the evil Necromaster! Answer! Use your new zombie superpowers to save the world!

Calavera is part Tank Girl, part Vampirella and all awesome! The comic is written as to not take itself to seriously and I love that! The noir black and white artwork in these printed copies lend themselves to an amazing dark mystery story. If you like your comics bursting with eye popping color you can get the digital copies!

This special Deluxe edition of this book is amazing! Limited to 150 Copies, it comes with Screen printed signed and numbered backing board, and a copy of “Honor Of The Damned” #1 (the first printing – Nevin’s 2005 comic about a 10 year old boy Steven and his friend an Undead Samurai Warrior going to the big city to be superheroes).

If you love zombies this is a must own for your zombie comic book collection! I highly recommend you get the Calavera #1 Deluxe for only $10, but you can also check out Calavera #1 digitally for only $0.99! Either way it’s worth a read! Calavera the Undead #1 and #2 are available in print format for just $5 each as well! Head over to and find out how to get your copy today! You won’t be disappointed in this one!

Moral Rating: violence
Audience: teens and adults, not be suitable for small children
Genre: comic book
Released: 2014
Rating: A+