Call Me Crazy (2014) – By Misty Layne

A charming young cannibal tries to win over a relationship-jaded vampire within the confines of an insane asylum. And who would’ve thought that a cannibal and vampire could be so completely sweet and adorable? Certainly not I.

I was intrigued going into this because of the tagline because who doesn’t love crazy like that, right? But I wasn’t sure what to expect. What I got was a slick short film that was sweet, crazy, gory, messy and gloriously perfect. The story gets right to the point and there’s no extra unneeded material like in some films. The actors are all amazing. This is probably one of the best short films I’ve seen in awhile and I’ve been on a short film kick recently.

Michelle Gust is a 16 year old girl who stabs her boyfriend 70 something times, drinks his blood then posts a picture of herself with his body on social media. Obviously, she’s sent to an asylum for “troubled youth” especially since she won’t reveal her motive for the murder. Isaac is a somewhat older fella, a cannibal, or so he says, who takes a shining to Michelle in the asylum of which they’re both residents. But is Isaac really who he says he is? Will Michelle reveal why she killed her boyfriend? Will they be able to be in love???

This film is quirky and wicked kickawesome. Be prepared for a bit of gore when Isaac decides to become who he says he is…otherwise just sit back and find yourself surprised by how charmingly sweet it can be when a cannibal and vampire fall in love.  Oh and in case you’re wondering – this is apparently based on a true story.  So read the real story and then be sure to check out Call Me Crazy’s Facebook page!