Capsized (2014) – By Matthew Robinson

“Capsized” is a short film from writer/director Brandon M. Freer. It tells the story of a young bride to be whose fiance becomes trapped on a capsized cruise ship. Time is running out and if he is not rescued soon he will drown. The entire film takes place in the woman’s home as she goes back and forth from speaking with her mother, her fiance and the coast guard. Can she help guide the coast guide to her husband to be in time?

“Capsized” reminded me a bit of the Ryan Reynold’s film “Buried” in that everything takes place in one location and almost all of the dialogue takes place via phone conversations. You almost immediately become attached to the woman played by Hayley McLaughlin as you feel her fear and uncertainty as she tires to pinpoint her fiance (Michael Galante) for the rescue team.

This film moves quickly thanks to a clear vision from Freer, polished cinematography from Matt Fore and clever sound design and music from John Capo who deserves a special pat on the back for helping the short keep it’s novelty throughout.

This was a short film shot in black and white, it is an interesting choice and while I didn’t mind it I also found it a tad unnecessary. However Fore does a pretty good job of making basically one room and a TV screen very compelling.

My biggest criticism with his film is that the acting kind of see-saws between effectiveness. At times the dialogue comes off a little forced and there were times the panic and tension should have maybe been punched up a bit, but these are not major issues that I took with the short. In the end I enjoyed the unique concept of the short and thought Freer did a strong job. I’d like to see more from him and hopefully one day see him at the helm of a feature film with a proper indie budget, for now “Capsized” is definitely worth a watch.

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