Caroline of Virginia (2011) – By Jason S. Lockard

Caroline of Virginia is a modern day fairy tale directed by Eric Norcross. The film takes place during the New York City transit strike and stars Lauren Meley as Caroline a deaf young woman who works at a book shop! We see how she is ridiculed for her disability, but a musician [Michael Scott Ross] sees this and how she continues on not letting it get the best of her; he is intrigued by the lady! When Caroline befriends the musician at a bus stop, he only has one wish, that Caroline could hear his music.

Enter a wizard [Hall Hunsinger] who says he will give Caroline her hearing for three days, but as you know in fairy tales you don’t get something for nothing! The Musicians payment…… his hearing! He would lose his hearing at the end of three days. He accepts the offer when the Wizard says, if the transit strike ends before the three days are up the deal is null and void and he would not have to pay! Caroline and The Musician spend the next three days enjoying all the sounds she never was able to hear and falling in love, but what about the wizard and his deal?! Does the transit strike end in time? Will the musician lose his hearing? The only way you can find out is to watch the film!

The camera work was good, there were a few places where I felt the film dragged a bit, but Lauren’s performance as the deaf woman is worth seeing, if for no other reason! So if your a fan of fairy tale like movies or if you just have around 40 minutes to kill this is not a bad way to spend your time!

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Moral Rating: Nothing Offensive
Audience: All Audiences
Genre: Drama
Length: 37 min.
Released: 2011
Our Rating: B-