CarousHELL (2016) – By Philip Smolen


“CarousHELL” tells the story of a carousel unicorn named of Duke (voice of Steve Rimfici) who is finally pushed over the edge. Tired of being ridden by ungrateful kids who don’t appreciate him, Duke targets a young boy named Lunchbox (Teague Shaw) who had the audacity to rub snot all over the wooden wonder. Duke breaks loose from the ride and follows Lunchbox and his sexy sister Laurie (Sé Marie) to a party being held nearby. The unicorn lays siege to the house and before long Laurie and Lunchbox are running for their lives all while trying to avoid stepping into their friends’ spilled intestines. Their only hope is Cowboy Cool (P.J. Gaynard), the official mascot of the amusement park that Duke escaped from. If he can somehow find the unlucky brother and sister, he may be able to put an end to the wooden ride’s reign of terror.

“CarousHELL” is an over the top gorefest directed by Steve Rudzinski and written by Rudzinski and Aleen Isley. It’s ridiculous and relentlessly stupid but purposely so. The idea of a wooden unicorn coming to life is certainly funny in itself and certainly pretty unique in the annals of modern horror films. The flick also has some funny kill scenes as most of the victims dim wittedly walk right into Duke’s spiral horn. There’s even an unbelievable sex scene between a pretty party girl and Duke which has to be seen to be believed. And I think I can safely say that this is the first time in cinema history where a horror movie victim gets hoofed to death!

All the cast and crew are in on the movie’s one joke and that helps make it less painful to watch. And even though it is devoid of terror, suspense and sly wit, “CarousHELL’s remains an outrageous horror comedy that should satisfy any gorehound’s desire to see gallons and gallons of red red krovvy.

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