Carver (2008) – By Jason Patfield

 Lots of blood, lots of gore and no storyline, that sums up Carver.

Some movies try to be so shocking they compromise the plot, this is one such film.

Carver is neither original, nor groundbreaking; I have seen torture done far too often now days, from Flower of Flesh and Blood to Hostel.  This upcoming genre has become main stream in my eyes.

Carver claims to be based on a true story, which tells a tale about five unlikable yuppies that embark on a camping trip and end up disappearing. Well, actually we see them get horribly mutilated, dismembered and decapitated one by one with no motive.

Carver delivers a plethora of scenes that contain blood and torture done in extremely believable ways. The camera work is excellent and the acting is passable, but there is no reason to watch this movie other then to be shocked and regardless of what you hear, there is no twist ending.

My recommendation is to rent Carver first because I think most will watch it only once.

 ** ½  / *****