Casting Call 2 (2012) – By Brian Morton

Back in 2007, my friend (and our fearless editor) Duane Martin reviewed a movie called Casting Call, about 5 girls who go to a casting call only to meet a couple of guys with less than honorable intent. Well, a few years have passed and writer/director Gary Lynch is at it again with Casting Call 2!

Now, I didn’t get a chance to see the first Casting Call, so I’m going in a bit blind, but Casting Call 2 is both funny and frightening. The story seems to be basically the same; five girls are on a casting call, not knowing that the filmmakers are looking for a very realistic death scene! Now, don’t think you’re just getting your stock slasher short here, Casting Call 2 mixes in a few laughs too…in fact, there’s a couple of scenes that had me laughing out loud, but I won’t go into detail, I’d hate to ruin it for you!

I’m giving Casting Call 2, 3 out of 4 cigars, it’s not perfect and I wish there had been a bit more detail, maybe Lynch will find investors and give these people a bit of a back story and give us a longer Casting Call next time! Find out more for yourself by heading over to