Catch My Soul (1974) – By Jason S. Lockard


The 70’s were an interesting time in the world and in the world of cinema. Controversy from the war, social unrest and the peace and love montra from the hippie society. Cinema brought these themes to the screen and one such film was Catch my soul. This film was thought to be lost, but Etiquette Pictures have rescued, restored and released this film on Blu-ray and DVD combo pack.

The film takes place in a hippie commune in the desert of Santa Fe, New Mexico. This is a rock opera of Shakespeare’s Othello starring folk singer and songwriter Richie Havens as a traveling preacher who while on his journey finds a commune of the sinister Iago. There the preacher falls for the beautiful Desdemona and takes her as his wife. This upsets Iago and he conspires against the preacher to ruin their romance and run him out of town.

Etiquette Pictures has restored this film from its original 35mm camera negative the bonus features found on this release include; A Making-of Featurette, “The Deacon Speaks” – Interview with actor Tony Joe White, “True Soul” – Featurette on Conrad L. Hall, Theatrical Trailer, TV Spot, Promotional Still Gallery, Extensive Booklet Essay by Tom Mayer, Reversible Cover Artwork.

So if you are a fan of those 70s features add this rare snapshot of cinema history to your collection. Head over to or your local video provider and pick this one up today!

Moral Rating: Adult situations
Audience: Adults
Genre: musical, drama
Length: 1 Hour 37 minutes
Blu-Ray Release: 2015
Blu-Ray Rating: B