An Interview With Stephanie Haywood – By Heidi Martinuzzi

“Sure, money for mainstream movies is great, but I would rather have a part I really love and the respect you get from independent directors.” – Stephanie Haywood

Stephanie Haywood is a new, up-and-coming Scream Queen with an intense charisma and a unique beauty. Being heavily involved in the independent horror business and seeing tons of Scream Queens and women in horror on a daily basis, Stephanie Haywood immediately caught my eye. Having a few films under her belt at the tender age of sixteen (when I was sixteen I was nowhere near that cool!) she is destined for B-Queen greatness, and a career in horror that rivals that of Brinke Stevens and Linnea Quigley, if she sticks with it.

But who is this dark-haired beauty? There aren’t many interviews done with her, but there is one more now. Stephanie and I sat down to discuss her roles in films, her future, and her view of horror. And also, to be girls. Girls just want to have fun, you know.

Stephanie, Not many people know a lot about your career thus far. Can you enlighten us as to all of the films you’ve worked on and your experiences in the “business”?

Well let’s see, I was in my first movie because there weren’t enough people and I was there. I have been in 8 different movies, starting with Patches 2, where I played a really big idiot. (LOL) I was in Nerds Night Out, I play the nerds gone to kick ass zombie killer, I was in Scared where I just played a party guest and talked to everyone and got killed off, I was in Mummy Sleepover Massacre (I played with my real name in that). And was one of the main girls at the sleepover, I was in Cocktober Blood I played a makeup artist, I was in Headcheese I played an stuck up actress, and I was in Concept (a short) and I basically play myself, and I was in. Slumber Party Murder Mania and I play this hidden lesbian…funny goofy chick…and I loved making every single one of them. I loved the hands on work. Better than just reading about it. Being on the set shows a lot.

Steph, Many women find horror an easy way of getting into acting, but if they don’t love horror, can find themselves stuck and unable to get out. How do you feel about the Horror industry today?

Umm well, sorta yes it’s easy to “get” into… But it’s hard as hell to stay into it. I am a little happy with it; I wish people would stop making remakes of already good movies. I mean remake the bad ones that need it-not the ones that already scare us to death!

Women have a special role in horror. It’s a place where they can really shine and be stars. Who inspires you to be a woman in horror?

Brinke Stevens. She’s so beautiful and talented. She amazes me.

Now some generic Horror Questions…

What is the best horror movie you’ve seen lately?

Umm lets see. Freddy vs.Jason was really good, scared me. Made me sad, made me jump excited me gave me so many feelings it was beautiful.

What is you favorite horror movie of all time?

The Killer Shrews, old black and white movie I like a lot of older films.

Are you interested in getting into other genres of film and being a serious actress, or are you planning on staying in horror?

I want to achieve it and stay into low budget horror, because I like the respect and the parts women seems to get. It’s always nice to get a part you really enjoy learning about and putting your heart into.

What would you say to someone who calls themselves a fan of yours? Is that surprising/exciting/mortifying?

I would say ” hi, wow, umm what movies have you seen ” and shake their hand. I think it’s amazing. Without fans, where would any actress be, you know?

What do you want people to know about you that you think doesn’t come through in interviews or films?

Whether or not it comes through on screen or off I want people to know I am a hard worker and I am willing to get stuff down I like to act, its great, I like to know I tried my best and really be able to say at the end of the day ” great job”.

I am a big nerd and go to all the conventions I can, because basically, I have no life. What conventions do you attend and what do you do when there?

Well I attend whatever comes my way (lol); I usually hang out sell movies with freak productions and sell my books and pictures. Get pictures with people who like the movies. And sign stuff. Not to mention spend all my money. (Lol) but who doesn’t do that?

Is there a specific movie you’d really like to make or an actress you’d really like to work with?

I’d love to work with Brinke Stevens and I would love to play a really messed up killer who has a lot of different emotions and thoughts. Someone so messed up its almost impossible to read them. It seems to be such a challenging role I would love to try and pull it off.

Would you like to continue doing Independent films or would you like to get into more mainstream acting?

I would love to continue to doing independent films, they’re wonderful. Sure, money for mainstream movies is great, but I would rather have a part I really love and the respect you get from independent directors.

If a zombie were eating you, what would be your final words?

Umm “ouch” and “wow! What’s it like to be dead?” No, I would have a heart attack just seeing a zombie and knowing they’re real and die before they ate me.

Stephanie can be visited at her website: