Cause and Effect (2015) – By Misty Layne

CAUSE AND EFFECT tell the story of a man’s destructive choices which cause a ripple effect, leading to unfair and surprising consequences for those around him. While I very much liked the idea of the film, it was unfortunately handled rather clumsily, causing for a too long movie where you’ve long ago guessed the twist and are now just waiting for it to be over. The story was also a bit too heavy-handed and forced leading one to wonder (again) why the film is taking so long.

That said, I feel I should explain that the idea the film is trying to convey and the actors themselves are NOT bad, not at all. Really, it’s the script with which I have issues. I think a few pages could have been cut from this thing, making it much tighter and much more effective in its twist. As it is now, the same lines are repeated again and again (But I can’t believe we don’t know those people!) and information that you need to know for later comes up strictly BECAUSE you need to know it, making the random conversation switches awkward and unseemly. Did we really need to know so much about that one guy’s car and preference for cars? I lost count of how many ways they stated that they were in an incredibly small town (and really that statement in and of itself wasn’t all that necessary). The script needs some good editing/tweaking and then they’ll have a better movie.

Because everything else was fine. The actors did a fine job. The camera work worked. The makeup at the end was a little wonky ・like, why did everybody but 2 guys suddenly have that eye makeup thing going on? That was weird. Also I know why the driver of the one car was in the woods in the first place but there was WAY too much of him running and stumbling through the woods, yell-whispering for help. A couple of shots of that would have sufficed. I understand the back and forth but the woodsy part was just too much.

In a film about bad choices, I feel like too many bad choices were made. I don’t hate this by any means it’s more boring and absolutely predictable than anything ・but I really feel with a few small changes, these guys could have something really good here, so I’m looking forward to what they bring in the future. Want to learn more? Check out CAUSE AND EFFECT on IMDB and Facebook!