Chainsaw Sally (2006) – By Nic Brown

 If you happen to be in the small town of Porterville and you need to visit the local library, you’d be well advised to pay attention to the “quiet please” sign on the wall and return your books on time. If you don’t, then you may find yourself in trouble with Sally the local librarian. Sally may appear to be a shy, mild mannered, young woman, but if you see her outside of work you better hope she doesn’t think you’ve been bad. Sally has her own sense of right and wrong, and people on her naughty list have a habit of ending up meeting a gruesome and usually creative end. That’s the idea behind CHAINSAW SALLY, the story of a young woman trying to make the world a better place, one dismemberment at a time.

CHAINSAW SALLY was originally a character created by Jimmyo  and April Burril to help promote some of their other creative projects. Her website and the character grew in popularity until, when the couple were looking for a new movie project, it was only natural to turn to Sally.

Sally’s parents were murdered by three escaped lunatics right before her and her young brother’s eyes when they were both children. Her father (played by chainsaw wielding legend Gunnar Hansen) is shot and left for dead by the assailants, but although mortally wounded himself, he still manages to grab a chainsaw and dispatches the attackers. His last words to Sally are to tell her to take care of her younger brother Ruby .

Sally takes her father’s words to heart and the siblings grow up in a hidden home somewhere back in the woods. Now she and her brother are all grown up and when they’re not watching their favorite horror movies, they spend their time creatively offing anyone they feel deserves it. Whether it’s for late library books or being an abusive boyfriend, the pair make short and bloody work of them.

Jimmyo Burril  wrote and directed the film and he admits that the character was created especially for his wife April. When you see her in action as Sally, this becomes clear. Blending manic energy, a macabre sense of humor and her own skewed sense of duty, Sally is a wickedly wonderful character. Unlike other movie killers, Sally, despite her murderous tendencies, is a girl you have to like. There is a gleam in her eye as she goes about her business, and although her weapon of choice may be the chainsaw of the film’s title, she doesn’t limit herself to that and indeed she employs any number of weapons to dispatch her victims.

CHAINSAW SALLY is a true treat for fans of horror. Although it is an independent horror film, the production values are first rate including creative cinematography and delightfully disgusting special effects. The soundtrack is also a perfect fit to the film, matching Sally’s violence and murder with it’s own driving energy.

The film pays tribute to a number of classics, including JAWS, I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE, and of course the original TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE. Horror legend Herschell Gordon Lewis even shows up for a couple of memorable cameos as the hardware store owner who unknowingly facilitates Sally’s tool themed killing spree. Also look for a particularly gruesome death scene from Women of Horror featured actress Jennifer Rouse as the ice cream girl. Jimmyo and April Burril have created a memorable and horrifically fun character with CHAINSAW SALLY, so check out the film and keep Sally in mind the next time you go to your local library. Return your books on time!