Chainsaw Sally (2007) – By Brian Morton

 The Internet is a wonderful place; you’re probably reading this on the Internet right now! It’s a place where you can find just about anything, legal or otherwise, that your twisted little heart might desire. It’s also the place where Chainsaw Sally was born. When I first got the DVD, Chainsaw Sally, I couldn’t wait to watch it. After all, what could possibly be NOT to love about a horror movie starring a hot chick with a chainsaw, it sounded like a little slice of heaven to me. But, after watching the DVD extras, I found out that Chainsaw Sally was actually an invention of filmmaker JimmyO Burril and his wife April (who plays Sally). They invented Sally as a sort of horror host for a previous project that they were working on, and, through the magic of the internet, Sally gained a life of her own, enough so that her fans demanded a movie featuring this chainsaw wielding babe.

The story here is basically Sally’s story, when her family is killed in front of her when she was a child, Sally became twisted inside. With his last breath, her father asks Sally to take care of her little brother, Ruby, and that begins Sally’s story. By day, Sally is a mild mannered librarian, but by night, she transforms into the psychopathic Chainsaw Sally. But, don’t think that Sally is just another mindless butcher, nope, Sally only kills people that are bad…well, bad in her opinion, one might question the benefit to society of taking out someone who hasn’t returned a library book, but, in Sally’s world, that’s a death penalty violation!

The real gems here are April Burril as Sally and Gunnar Hansen as her daddy. April really inhabits Sally like a comfortable shirt, she’s totally at ease with Sally’s insanity, and she moves between the mousy librarian to the outgoing-to-a-fault Sally perfectly. And the addition of Gunnar Hansen, even in this small role, it’s a nice nod to the original Texas Chainsaw (there’s also some sound effects that mimic the original Chainsaw too!) that Sally owes so much to. Chainsaw Sally is the blackest of comedies, it’s at once funny and disturbing, and it’s a ton of fun! I’d give Chainsaw Sally three out of four cigars (my personal rating system), and it lost one cigar because the ending, while a nice lead in for a potential sequel, just felt slightly forced. Chainsaw Sally is a the perfect Saturday afternoon horror movie, not too scary, plenty of excitement and just plain good clean fun…provided your idea of good clean fun involves chainsaws and blood! You can get Chainsaw Sally for yourself by dropping over to the Pop Cinema web page or you can check out the heroine herself by heading over to Chainsaw, either site can help you get a copy of this fun, fun movie! So, until next time, when I’ll unveil plans for Bad Movie Guy: The Movie, a three hour action packed film about me sitting in my easy chair watching movies, remember that the best movies are bad movies.