Chance Encounter (2013) – By Misty Layne

Another short by David Craig, I have to admit I liked this more than “Iustitia”. This would probably be qualified as a drama, though there is another twist ending and a bit of mystery to it. Chance Encounter is definitely a fun film with a lot of style.

Man and woman meet in a bar and have a lot of drinks. A LOT. The drunker they get, the more they talk until the man finally admits he’s in trouble because he saw something he shouldn’t have seen. Eventually the two strangers decide to hook up and well, I won’t tell you the ending because you really should watch for yourself but it’s fun (even though you can see it coming from a mile away).

Both actors here do a fabulous job of being drunk, flirty, serious, angsty and so many more emotions that naturally occur when one is drinking. And while it’s another simple premise set in only two locations, the shots are well done and the film looks good. This is definitely a success for Mr. Craig.

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