Character Kings 2 (2013) – By Brian Morton

I’m a lover of the movies, ask anyone, and don’t get me started by asking me (according to my wife, I can be a bit long winded when talking about movies!). But, when it comes to learning more, I always enjoy a good book about films and how they’re made! Well, last year, Scott Voisin released an amazing book about character actors called Character Kings, a book of interviews with character actors that we all recognize, but rarely know the names of. Well, Scott is back with more with Character Kings 2.

Character Kings 2 is really more of Character Kings (which you would probably expect), and that’s a good thing. This time Scott sits down with actors like Tony Todd, Charles Martin Smith, Stephen Root, William Forsythe and many more. Each tells a bit about how they got into films, a little bit about the movies they’re famous for and offer advice to up and coming actors. It’s an incredibly interesting look at actors that you’ve seen and loved, but usually don’t know by name…well, you will after this!!!

I’m giving Character Kings 2 four out of four cigars, it’s a book that you will read and then re-read, and keep close at hand for reference when you see one of the ‘kings’ on screen! The only disappointment was that actor Jeffery DeMunn didn’t talk about experiences with The Walking Dead, but I think I understand why! Find out more and grab a copy for yourself by heading over here.