Charity Hurts (2010) – By Brian Morton

Whether it’s being called or hit up on the street, let’s be honest, charity can be a giant pain in the ass! And, while I thought that it was just me, I was quite pleased when I got a movie all the way from Australia that proves that this is a universal pain that we all share. It’s called Charity Hurts and it’s an interesting take on an action movie from down under.

Here’s the story, Andrew is constantly being harassed for donations to this charity and that, when he finally blows his cool, he discovers that there’s something else going on besides just good deeds. It seems that the mafia has its fingers in the charity business and, if you don’t donate, you could find yourself in a bit of trouble. Well, Andrew takes it on himself to stand up to the mob and a seemingly never-ending battle ensues as Andrew takes on all comers in order to get to the head of the charity business to stop the madness!

Charity Hurts is exactly what it sounds like, a complete tongue-in-cheek send up of action movies. And, while the budget is lower than low, Thatcher manages to put together an interesting little film. Are you going to want to go out and watch it over and over? Probably not. But are you going to be sorry that you sat down to catch this neat little indie? Definitely not! The action is non-stop and the chicks are hot…what else can you ask for? Charity Hurts isn’t his first film, but it’s definitely as start for Mr. Thatcher, you can see that he has talent and just needs to flesh out his troupe and his writing a bit. I’m giving Charity Hurts 3 out of 4 cigars, it’s not perfect, it’s a bit too long for what it is, but you can tell that Andrew Thatcher is a man with ideas and the talent to implement them well…I can’t want to see what he’ll do with a bigger budget. You can find out more about Charity Hurts by clicking over to