Chiaroscuro, Baby (2009) – By Brian Morton

There’s a certain feel to movies filmed in the 60s on a low budget, and to capture that feel must be very difficult, but I have to admit, Anthony Kilburn captures both the look and the spirit of these great B movies in his new film, Chiaroscuro, Baby.

The story here is about Calvin, an artist who’s struggling to make it, while not compromising his artistic vision. Calvin’s girlfriend, Nancy, isn’t as worried about Calvin’s vision, and so, she sets out to make Calvin a star…no matter the cost. While this is going on, Calvin meets Marjorie, a woman who completely understands his art and wants to help him in any way she can, and Calvin finds that being around Marjorie reinvigorates his creativity, while, suddenly, Nancy is becoming more and more of a drain on his reserves! So, Calvin is not faced with a choice, take the success he desires, but compromise his values, or remain a starving artist and stay happy.

Chiaroscuro, Baby is a pretty unique movie, filled with characters that really seem to be from the 60s, the dialogue and the storyline are straight out of the era and it really compliments the movie well. Kilburn has created a universe that’s really cool and really fun. Now, don’t think this is the perfect movie, it’s a little long and at times a bit wordy, but overall, I really enjoyed this little ‘retro-movie’. I’m giving Chiaroscuro, Baby three out of four cigars, it’s not the perfect movie, but it’s well worth your time! You can find out more by visiting the KillaCozzy Productions web page.