Choch (2010) – By Brian Morton

We all wear masks. Not literally, otherwise, we’d be like those ‘furry’ freaks who want to wear Thanksgiving parade costumes all the time. No, I mean that at home we’re one person, at work we’re another. Well, it’s these figurative masks that are the point of a new movie from Brendan Prost called Choch.

Choch (pronounced Ch-Aw-Ch) is a term which, in essence, means ‘Jersey Shore wannabe’, you know the type, never takes off his sunglasses, wears a ton of hair gel and never takes off that tank top! The story here is about a young man who’s found a group of friends who expect him to act a certain way. The problem is that he’s beginning to realize that the person he’s acting like isn’t really him. As he struggles with what persona he wants to present to the world, he meets a girl who accepts him for who he really is. When the two worlds collide, it seems that our hero will need to make a very painful decision.

Choch is one of those movies that will make you think about whom you are and why you are that person. As you watch the struggle in the film, you’ll either look back on your life, or look at yourself now and wonder how you got to be the way you are, who helped shape you into who you are. It’s a very deep movie that’s still not ‘preachy’, Prost merely presents a situation that we’ll all be familiar with and give his protagonist a struggle that we can all identify with…even if we don’t even know we’re struggling with the same issues!

I’m giving Choch 4 out of 4 cigars, ordinarily a movie with a message isn’t my cup of tea, but a movie that makes me think about the very nature of who I am, can’t be resisted! Find out what Choch is playing and get to the theatre….NOW! Find out how over at