Cinephilia (2013) – By Misty Layne

“Cinephilia” directed by Leah Chen Baker is an absolutely charming delight of the senses, a love story to love and romance in cinema. Varying in scope from silent films to the French New Wave movement, “Cinephilia” employs the same two actors in each vignette to portray the history of romance in film. And there’s nothing that “Cinephilia” doesn’t get right.

Starting with the silent era, our love story commences with a sweet and simple flirtation. Next up is a Chaplin-esque love story full of adorableness and chivalry and sweet flower girls. The follow up to this is a black and white crime noir type with a twist. And finally a French New Wave love story that is kitschy and hilarious.

I really can’t praise “Cinephilia” enough. Each vignette captures perfectly the era it’s meant to portray and the use of the same actors throughout adds to the charm. And the actors here are superb – their range is phenomenal. It actually took me a minute to realize that it was in fact the same actors in each scene. The cinematography is breathtaking. There wasn’t a time where I didn’t believe that these love stories were actually filmed way back when.

I can’t wait to see what else Leah Chen Baker creates. Just from “Cinephilia”, I’m madly in love with her style. For more information on “Cinephilia”, visit their website – like right now!