City Boots (2013) – By Misty Layne

City Boots is a short film by Ryan Strandjord that began as a story collaboration between him, Chersti Rydning, Ryan Swan and Rajiv Weliwitigoda. The basic premise here is of two people at a horse riding lesson when neither of them wants to be there. Julie, played by Chersti Rydning, is giving the horse riding lesson to Salim, played by Rajiv Weliwitigoda, who obviously would rather be anywhere but there. Neither person is happy – it’s cold outside and Salim has plenty of other things to do while Julie is having trouble with her keeping her riding lessons going.

The film is just about 10 minutes long – short and sweet – but it is impactful. There’s not a ton of dialogue but there doesn’t need to be. What’s important here is the way the actors play off each other and the elements around them and this they do well. City Boots is about patience and learning about something you might not have realized you needed or wanted to learn about. There’s a powerful morality here.

Looking at the City Boots website and the conditions they had to work in (specifically a Minnesota winter), makes the finished product that much more beautiful because you can see the devotion to this project throughout. To learn more about City Boots such as where it’s playing next, visit their website.