City Council Productions Collection: Volume One (2002) – By Brian Morton

How many times have you seen a trailer and then, after seeing the movie, realized that all the best parts of the movie were in the trailer? In fact, there have been quite a few movies that, after seeing the trailer, there wasn’t any need to even see the movie! Well, if you’ve ever had this experience, then, do I have a DVD for you!

It’s called City Council Productions Collection Volume One and it’s got all the best parts of movies that were never really made. This is a collection of trailers from a group called City Council Productions, and I have to tell you, these trailers are so well done that you’re going to want to see some of these movies! I know, because I was completely fooled…and before you think it, I’ll just say it for you…”that can’t be all that hard, Brian.” There, are you happy?

The trailers here are varied and well done, these guys aren’t a one-joke group. There’s Ton Of Brix II, a blaxploitation action movie trailer featuring Mr. Brix a black man taking a stand against white crime…and it’s about time too! There’s Blood Fury and Smoke Fire both action movie trailers starring action hero Dan-Michael Vincent. Yes, that’s Dan! There’s the Ku Klux Kid, there’s Bee Boy and there’s even an art film and a foreign film trailer here, and each one is funnier than the last one. And don’t forget the Karaoke documentary called 59-15 that features a group of bar flies who like to sing the Karaoke. And, if the guys in this documentary are actors then there ought to be some Academy Awards for these performances, and if they’re not actors, then kudos to the City Council Production guys for wading that deep into the Karaoke crowd! Now, you’d think with that much stuff on a DVD, how could there possibly by more. Well, City Council Productions released Collection Volume One as a double-sided DVD! That’s right, on the second side of this funny DVD, you’ll get a True Hollywood Story type documentary for Smoke Fire, which is well worth watching, if you’re like me and think those Hollywood types are pretentious morons, then you’ll see here that we’re not alone, City Council Productions lampoons them better than anyone I’ve seen in a long time…bravo, guys!

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll be glued to your seat, but mostly you’ll just laugh because these trailers are hysterical! It’s the City Council Productions Collection Volume One, and if you’re tired of the trailers being the best part of the movie, then this is for you…it’s just great trailers! If you’d like to get this DVD, or take a look at any of the other craziness that is City Council Productions, then drop on over to, you won’t be disappointed. And until the next time, when I’ll spend eight pages complaining about those damned commercials they run before every damned movie, remember, the best movies are bad movies…and sometimes the trailers for them!