Classic Cinema 2.0: Suddenly (1954) – By Jason S. Lockard

I have been reflecting on my almost five years of writing about my love for classic cinema. I can’t imagine people passing over some of this amazing film gems! The acting, directing and story telling in these old film can not be duplicated.

A film being in the public domain does not mean the film is bad it just means the copy write was not renewed and some great films just fell into the public domain! On this new journey I want to bring you some of these films in their entirety commercial free and I will still tell you about this great actors and actresses.

This month I want to go back in time to a film that my dad introduced me to so many years ago! Featuring our star of the Month, Ole’ blue eyes himself; Frank Sinatra in this cold-blooded thriller from 1954 Suddenly!



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Moral Rating: Violence
Audience: Teen and Adults
Genre: Thriller
Length: 76 min.
Released: 2009
Our Rating: A+