Classic Cinema: Back to the Future (1989) – Jason S. Lockard


This month as we continue our look back at the Back to the Future trilogy we look also at our star of the month Lea Thompson.

Lea Thompson was born in Rochester, Minnesota, the daughter of Barbara Anne, a singer and musician, and Clifford Elwin “Cliff” Thompson. She studied ballet as a girl and practiced three to four hours every day. She was dancing professionally by the age of 14. She won scholarships to several ballet schools but nagging injuries and being told she was “too stocky” ended her career, but acting was in her future. Lea’s first big movie was Jaws 3D in 1983 just 2 short years later she would take on her most famous role of Lorraine Baines-McFly in the Back to the Future trilogy.

In the second film of the trilogy Doc Brown, Marty and Jennifer (Marty’s girlfriend) travel to the year 2015 because Marty’s family is in ruins. After Marty takes the place of his son to fix what started the downfall. All seems well! Not quite. When they return to 1985 they find that Biff from 2015 stole the DeLorean and went back to 1955 and gave a sports almanac to himself, so that he could become a millionaire by beating on sporting events. Now he has changed history! Biff now owns Hill Valley and is married to Marty’s mother and Marty’s Dad is Dead. Marty and Doc must travel back to 1955 and steal the almanac from Biff and change this nightmare future that has come to be.

Since Back to the future Lea Thompson has been keeping very busy! She played in the Howard the Duck as well, as well as playing in Dennis the Menace, The Beverly Hillbillies and The Little Rascals. She than moved to the small screen finding success with her NBC sitcom Caroline in the City, for which she received a People’s Choice Award.

To this day Lea Thompson keeps busy in 2014 she competed on Dancing with the stars and she also played Irene Steele in the end times film Left Behind. The talented and award winning actress to me and probably many other no matter how many films she is in she will always be Loraine McFly.

Until next month when we check out the conclusion of the trilogy this is Jason S. Lockard reminding you if you want to see a great film check out a classic.

Moral Rating: violence and adult language
Audience: teens and adults
Genre: Adventure / Scifi / Comedy
Length: 108 Minutes
Released: 1989
Rating: A-