Clock-Piano (2014) – By Misty Layne


Oh my, what a beauty of a film! I absolutely adore claymation/stop-animation films. I am a HUGE fan of Jan Svankmajer. So I was incredibly pleased to see CLOCK-PIANO cross my desk this month. This amazing short short is a claymation tale about an alcoholic piano tuner, who basically just seems really super sad.

The detail on this thing is absolutely breath-taking. The artistry is phenomenal. The piano tuner is so expressive and his clothing so detailed. The room he’s working on the piano in (and the piano itself) are lovely and include art on the walls and an entire bookshelf. It’s so gorgeous. The colors are wonderful. Seriously, I can NOT rave enough about the pure mastery the filmmakers displayed with this art form.

As for the story itself, it’s a 3 minute film so it’s fairly simple. Piano tuner enters room to tune piano. Piano tuner can’t tune piano. Piano tuner gets drunk and falls asleep. The entire scene is so melancholy though that you just ache for this poor clay man. This obviously wouldn’t have worked with a live actor but in this format it evokes so many emotions.

I give CLOCK-PIANO an A++. I loved it. Check out the filmmaker’s website to learn more about this great film and their other stuff and throw them some love!