Closure (2011) – By Josh Samford

Although it seems derogatory to say it, the short film has always had a primary service as being the training ground for those who want to make feature films. It allows for filmmakers to experiment with new narrative concepts, play with FX work and generally do things that might be considered a bit too risky for a ninety minute movie. Every now and then, however, I run into a short film that makes perfect sense in its capsulized form. Closure, directed by Chima Nathan, is a look at a less than amicable end to a relationship. Set inside a cramped apartment, we watch as a cheating boyfriend is tied up and captured by his former flame who simply wants him back in her life. Roles are reversed in the story, and nothing is ever quite as it seems. Nathan takes a situation with rather humorous undertones and somehow crafts a very intriguing piece of drama out of this small story.

Although the visual palette for the film may at first seem minimal, Nathan crafts a very interesting stylistic design for his short film. Bathed in sunlight and looking incredibly sterilized, this small apartment looks more like a doctor’s office than it does a place where human beings live. As unassuming and devoid of clutter as the set design may be, the characters that Nathan has written are in shambles. The story, as it progresses, seems to be about these two characters having the potential to close a page within their lives for good (or bad), but the director and writer leaves that conclusion entirely up to his audience. A brave and witty conclusion to a very smart short film. Nathan seems to be a director to watch, as he inspires great performances from his cast and designs a very well-crafted story. Although it may be a simple story, I was thoroughly impressed. If you would like to see Closure for yourself, you can watch via Vimeo: