Cloudy With a Chance of Sunshine (2016) – By Philip Smolen


Ben Bergman (Kevin Resnick) is a widowed father who is going through a rough time. His wife died giving birth to their daughter Lilly (Dariana Alverez) seven years ago and Ben just can’t get over the loss. He’s stopped writing and taken a job writing product instructions for a miserable boss named Mr. Pickelberry (Robert L. Greene) who uses a watch to see how late Ben is every day. His father Zaidie (Robb Hutter) lives with him and has been carrying on with a prostitute. But one day Ben spots a beautiful young woman (Sarah Navratil) at the local coffee bar. For six months Ben goes to the coffee shop every day so he can stare at her. Then one day, Ben comes home and is shocked to find the woman (who goes by the name Sunshine) at his home preparing dinner for his family. It seems that Ben left his notebook at the coffee shop and Sunshine decided to return it. She also knows that Ben has been staring at her and wanted to introduce herself. Ben is thrilled, but he is also very unsure about pursuing a relationship with someone who is so totally opposite in character (Sunshine has a bubbly overt personality and is a new age spiritualist). Slowly, the two polar opposites try to find a way to make things works. But for their relationship to grow, Ben will have to find a way to let go of the loss of his wife.

“Cloudy With a Chance of Sunshine” is a new romantic comedy from writers Rebecca Norris and Kevin Resnick and it is directed by Resnick. It is a remarkable film and kept me smiling and engaged for its entire length. The film is just bursting with clever ideas and little bits of dialogue that are priceless. The film casts a magic spell from its delightful opening credits and the good vibes don’t end until the end credit out-takes.

The film is full of flawed believable characters that are basically good and just need a little help to reach their potential. Ben is a loving and caring father who’s has let the loss of his wife take over his life. Ben’s dad is also mourning the loss of his wife and doesn’t use the prostitute for sex, only for faux romantic embraces and hugs. Sunshine is relentlessly optimistic and positive and doesn’t realize that Ben needs his space when it comes to his deceased wife.

The film is perfectly cast. Resnick gives Ben the proper level of confusion and trepidation, while Sarah Navratil effortlessly provides Sunshine with the required amount of positive energy that shakes up Ben’s world. There is also fine supporting work here by Robb Hutter, Dariana Alverez and Maritza Brikisak (as a sexy neighbor who catches Rob dad’s eye). There is also a wondrous music score by Scott Radway and beautiful photography by Luke Snailham that helps emphasize all of the characters inner feelings.

“Cloudy With a Chance of Sunshine” is a joyful celebration of the human condition. It has a powerful and positive message about love and hope, and features terrific characters and situations that are impossible to resist. It is funny, sweet and sincere and it is a delightfully high spirited romantic comedy.

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