Coin Toss (2013) – By Brian Morton

Everyone believes in luck…or fate…or has superstitions; don’t pretend like you don’t, because, on some level, we all do. Well, a new movie from Satya Kharkar, Coin Toss, takes the belief and makes it very real!

Coin Toss is the story of Tom, a nice guy whose mother owns a small newspaper. When she dies, Tom’s told that she’s leveraged her home and business against some investments with Tom’s Cousin, Doug, who’s about to be indicted for running a ponzi scheme. Tom’s only hope is to get to Doug before the Feds and talk him into giving back his mother’s investments! The problem is that Tom is a nice guy, and he’s surrounded by conniving backstabbers! His cousin is clearly a con man, his fiancée is a gold-digger and Tom used a lucky coin that his mother left him to buy a lottery ticket…that wins 350 million dollars! Now, with everyone after that winning ticket, Tom has to decide what’s more important to him, true love or money.

Coin Toss is a movie that harkens back to screwball comedies of the past. The acting is terrific, the movie is very funny and well written, and, in the end, despite the real stretch of logic, you find yourself really cheering for Tom!

I’m giving Coin Toss 4 out of 4 cigars.  It’s just a fun movie…I can’t say it any better than that, get a pop, a snack, pull up a chair and enjoy! Grab a copy for yourself over at