Coma (2014) – By Kyle Hytonen

Coma is a super short 3 minute horror set piece that left me interested but a little confused.

A young nurse is seeing to her bed-ridden patient, an elderly woman who appears to be lying in a comatose state. She lifts the lifeless woman’s upper body to address any bed sores that may be accumulating and rests her back into bed. The nurse is about to go about her day when the old woman grabs her by her arm and begins speaking to her. The nurse, apologizes that she couldn’t help her before the coma took her over. The nurse then once again begins holding the older woman and attempting to comfort her.

What happens next is where the short seems to get interesting, but also seems to fall apart. There seems to be some otherworldly elements going on this story. At the film’s onset the nurse seems to be looking at herself through a two way mirror, watching her own self care for the older woman. As the film reaches it’s climax the nurse begins to shout at herself through this mirror as the older woman produces a large butcher’s knife from under her bed-sheets, one that she will more than likely use to kill the nurse. Still with me here?

The climax is accentuated by the nurse looking through this mirror at what is transpiring. She stands helpless behind this mirror, but what is the purpose of this mirror and what does it represent to the narrative? Does the mirror represent a bad dream, some alternate universe, a twin sister with vanity issues? No explanation in the art of film can sometime leave an audience entranced, this one just leaves you feeling confused, and an interesting concept is lost in its muddled presentation.  

For a 3 minute film shot on SD video you kind of get what you get, not that much. Coma, from director Jeremiah Kipp and writer/producer Nadia Carmon is a reposed and basic premise with an attempt at a mind bending twist that unfortunately falls flat.

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