Comet (2013) – By Philip Smolen

I have always loved films that feature stop motion animation ever since I was a small boy. There is something magical about them, and when I watch one, I am immediately transported straight into their magical, special world.

Dan and Derek Morrow have just completed a very sweet stop motion short called “Comet.” It tells the story of a lonely young boy named Alex who hasn’t a friend in the world. But one day he is visited by a strange creature named Comet who is searching for his family. Alex and Comet become fast friends, but their friendship is short-lived because Comet must search for his family.

This is a charming and honest little film and is positively delightful. The wintery sets are simple and beautiful and Alex and Comet’s friendship is endearing. This is a wonderful short for children and for those adults who are children at heart. If you have children, take a few minutes and watch “Comet” together with them. You will find yourself magically transported back to your childhood again.

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