Coming Home (2008) – By Brian Morton

 What’s scarier? Something you can see or something that you only imagine. Well, let me tell you, as a life-long horror fan, I can say that the scariest things are lodged firmly in my subconscious, waiting for my imagination to fertilize them and turn them loose on my nerves! Well, the new movie, Coming Home, from Eric Falardeau, gives us just enough to imagine something far worse.

The movie is fairly simple, two men meet and speak (very briefly) about a film. After driving to a desolate, frozen field, the men get out of their truck and one attacks the other. As one man is left in the show, horrifically wounded and screaming the other tries to wash his hands in the snow, scrubbing so hard that he begins removing skin from his own hands! All of this over a piece of film that we (the audience) are never shown…or are we?

Coming Home is vision of darkness, are these two men friends or enemies. Is the place that’s chosen for their final conflict indicative of their souls, vast and empty, or is it simpler than that? The great thing about Coming Home is that we’re left with so many questions, and, while ordinarily I don’t like that too much, this movie made me want to know what the hell was going on! Who are these guys? Why are they conflicted? And what’s on that film that would cause all this violence? Any movie that makes me wonder what’s next, is usually a movie that I want more of, and I definitely wanted more from Coming Home. I’m giving Coming Home three out of four cigars, it’s not perfect, but it’s pretty damn good! You can find out more about Coming Home and Eric Falardeau by heading over to the Out Of Nowhere Productions MySpace page. So, until next time, when I’ll be in the kitchen washing my hands…just not a roughly as in the movie…remember that the best movies are bad movies.