Connected (2011) – By Brian Morton

Stories about love are a dime a dozen, and stories about ‘damaged’ characters finding love may be even more common still. So, to make one that truly stands out is probably one of the more difficult kinds of movie to make. Well, I’m happy to report that, with Connected; David Ash has taken this overused genre and breathed new life into it!

Connected is the story of John, a computer programmer who’s working on mapping the human genome to use making artificial intelligence. As he digs deeper into the mechanics of the human psyche, he becomes more depressed and jaded. One of John’s problems is that he’s lonely, and, in his search for love, he meets Emily, a woman who’s got as many issues as John does…so, it’s obvious that the two will soon be romantically involved.

The real difference between Connected and other movies in this ‘damaged romance’ style of movie, is that Connected is better written, better acted and far more believable. Clarence Wethern and Bethany Ford are both terrific and perfectly cast as John and Emily, as we watch their relationship build, I couldn’t help but begin to root for them to make it…maybe it’s the romantic in me!

I’m giving Connected 4 out of 4 cigars, it’s a terrific, romantic movie that seems believable and will make you believe that there’s someone for everyone out there…no matter what your problems are! Find out more over at